Business Solutions - Credit & A/R Management

We have years of experience improving business practices and leveraging technology for:

  • Credit Management
  • Usage Management
  • Collections / Recovery
  • Results & Analysis
Timely and Actionable Information is Key

Information is critical in any company's credit and accounts receivable organization. A lack of key customer information can impede a company's ability to establish appropriate credit and collections policies and processes.

Long history of Credit & A/R Information Management

Knowledge Solutions has experience in capturing data from disparate data sources and turning it into useful information. We have helped credit and accounts receivable organizations capture a variety of existing data and provide them with a multi-dimensional view of their customer. This enables:

Knowledge Solutions works with key stakeholders to understand the policies, processes and systems that impact Credit and Accounts Receivable.

Whether your needs are very basic or very sophisticated Knowledge Solutions can provide the right level and combination of technical and management solutions to meet your business needs.

Case Studies:
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